Women tell the Gran Becca

Only one training on the Gran Becca slope between Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia. The athletes tested the slope for the first time.

Nadia Delago, Olympic medallist in Beijing, is looking for new and pleasant sensations: 'The piste is very nice, I must say that they did a great job because after the snowfall, the wind and everything it is... super nice! I feel I have a bit of an edge, I didn't ski all the lines I wanted to. At the top I was very abundant and very passive. I feel good, then we'll see what comes out: I found the desire to ski again.

Elena Dolmen: "I thought the track was very nice and well prepared, in the first part I didn't want to risk too much and did some wider lines, to be able to stay on the course. At the bottom I wanted to accelerate a bit more and in my opinion I did an average run. My physical condition? I'm pretty good, I'm coming back from an injury and I didn't ski at all this summer. I put my skis back on recently and it's one of the first times I've skied downhill. I will slowly get into gear.

Teresa Runggaldier: "I didn't have a good feeling because the visibility wasn't good and I was a bit at a loss especially on the jumps, which I didn't do well at all. I had a lot of fun because there are so many jumps and I like them. I didn't think there would be ice after all these weeks of snow, I was surprised. In general, there is good grip anyway.

Vicky Bernardi: "At the start with the flat visibility I thought a little about how to approach the jumps. I didn't start off nervous and did what I had to, at the finish line I was further ahead than I thought. I have been training well and I am in good shape.

Joana Hählen: I was a bit nervous before the first training and I haven’t skied in the race mode for a long time, but I am quite happy. It was special but the visibility was not so good when I raced and that made it pretty difficult. That’s why I tried to go straight at the start, and it worked out but then I lost a lot of time on the flats. I couldn’t find the right line in some sectors, but the jumps are fun. What makes it difficult is that it’s rather easy to be fast on the slopes, which doesn’t allow you to make mistakes.

Corinne Suter: I am very happy that we finally raced a run here. The first training here was really cool. I like the track and I am pretty excited when it is getting a little bit faster, because the jumps are quite high and long. You start with a steep part and then you have to always keep the speed with you. I think here it is important that you can create speed over the rollers and every little jump and just never leave the race line!

Kajsa Vickhoff Lie: It’s a lot of fun on this track. I'm one of the younger athletes and experience doesn't play such a big role here. It's just about skiing fast, making the most of every run and having fun. I really love the fact that we have a new course in the World Cup. I made a few small mistakes and you really can't leave the line here as the snow is relatively soft. We'll see how the slope presents itself for the race and how much you have to hold the line, or whether I can try something.