Sunday's women's downhill race cancelled due to the weather

The strong wind has made it impossible to hold a women's downhill race on the Gran Becca today, Sunday. Safety is not guaranteed in the prevailing conditions.

The planned start at 11.45am was postponed twice to 12.00pm and 12.30pm. There was hope in the finish area that a race could still take place as part of the Matterhorn Cervino Speed Opening. At 11.40 am, however, the jury and the local organising committee came to the conclusion that it would not be possible to hold the race. This means that the organisers, the athletes and all the partners and helpers involved will not be rewarded for their great efforts. 

Franz Julen, President of the local organising committee, says: "We have once again given everything to hold a race today. Our team once again worked all night and the piste was once again ready to race. With the two postponements of the start times, we were hoping for a favourable weather hole, but this did not materialise. Nature has the last word. For us, a regular, fair race has top priority. That would not have been the case today. The safety of the athletes comes first."

Peter Gerdol, FIS Race Director for the women, says: "The decision today was much more complicated than yesterday, Saturday. Yesterday the wind was very strong, today a little less. We tried, the athletes also inspected the course. Our hope was that the wind would die down from 11am. It also became weaker, but not weak enough to guarantee a fair and, above all, safe race."